shop story
After planning for six years, on July 7, 2023, we opened the Shirakawa-go Hira-se Onsen SALUGABAMBA with the idea of creating a renowned guesthouse or unique hostel that travelers would associate with the charm of each country they have stayed in worldwide. Our heartfelt wish is for SALUGABAMBA to become a place where travelers can create special memories they have never experienced before, a dining hall where local villagers can gather for drinks every night, and a shop that brings joy to both travelers and locals.
For staying guests
We sincerely appreciate you choosing Shirakawa-go Hira-se Onsen Hostel SALUGABAMBA from among the many accommodations available. While we may not offer the luxury of a first-class hotel, we promise to provide the best hospitality possible, ensuring your comfort and a simple yet pleasant stay. Being located in the mountains, we understand that there may be some inconveniences, but please don't hesitate to approach our staff if you need any assistance. We are committed to making your stay at SALUGABAMBA a memorable and wonderful experience, and our entire team is dedicated to assisting you throughout your time here.