Staying guests can enjoy our pride, the private hot spring at SALUGABAMBA, with a 50-minute rotation system. If it's available, you can bath in it as many times as you like. Please savor the authentic hot spring experience with its natural flowing source, without any additional water or heating. As there may be other guests waiting, please be sure to respect your allotted bathing time and keep the area clean. Our staff will clean the area every hour, but to ensure everyone's satisfaction, we kindly ask that you shower before each use. Please bring the towels provided in your room when using the hot spring. From an environmental perspective, we encourage guests at SALUGABAMBA to use the provided shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. Our original organic series has a biodegradation rate of 95%. As caretakers of the river's upstream environment, we greatly value nature. Lastly, while we understand your enthusiasm, please refrain from doing the butterfly stroke in the hot spring.