A place where people can gather beyond all boundaries.
I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of "Shirakawa-go Hirase Onsen SALUGABAMBA" on July 7, 2023, after a six-year planning period, with the aim of creating a renowned guesthouse or unique hostel that would be synonymous with the country it represents, just like those found all around the world. Your concept of providing travelers with special and unforgettable experiences, while also creating a place where local villagers can gather and enjoy dining, as well as a store that brings joy to both visitors and locals alike, is truly remarkable. I hope SALUGABAMBA becomes a special place for visitors to Shirakawa-go, gaining widespread recognition. By leveraging the local culture and charm, you have the potential to contribute significantly to the revitalization of the area. May SALUGABAMBA become a cherished place for both tourists and local residents, fostering communication and connections among them. I wish you the best as you continue this wonderful project. Keep up the great work!
1. A place where the children of Shirakawa village can stay and be proud.
2. A job that appreciates nature and the environment and utilizes it sustainably.
3. A place that connects Shirakawa village's culture and traditions in a positive way.
4. A place where guests, villagers, and staff share a loving relationship like family.
5. A willingness to take on challenges that no one else has done before.
At SALUGABAMBA, our rooms may not be as luxurious as hotels, but our theme revolves around minimalism and cleanliness, providing you with a relaxing and comfortable stay. We aim to make your stay enjoyable. We have prepared towels in the room for you to take to the hot springs. As we are a small inn, please be mindful of the neighboring rooms and keep noise levels down during your stay. As it is a hostel, we do not provide room amenities or pajamas to reduce waste and protect the environment. If you forget any essentials like a toothbrush, they are available for purchase at the first-floor market. Please refrain from pillow fights, as fun as they may seem. The restroom and toilet facilities are located on the first floor. Hairdryers are available in the dressing room or the restroom. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy your stay!
【Hot Spring】 Saru no Yu
Staying guests can enjoy our pride, the private hot spring at SALUGABAMBA, with a 50-minute rotation system. If it's available, you can bathe in it as many times as you like. Please savor the authentic hot spring experience with its natural flowing source, without any additional water or heating.
Please enjoy an indescribable sense of rejuvenation through a traditional Japanese bath called 'Rouryuu' with Yomogi water steeped with diligently gathered mugwort by all our staff in spring.
AM 11:00 to PM 9:00 ※Closed from 2:30pm to 5:00pm (Breakfast for staying guests is from 8:00~) At our SALUGABAMBA dining hall, we earnestly hope that our guests will leave here feeling rejuvenated since they have come all the way to this remote mountain location. In spring, we offer dishes featuring wild mountain vegetables gathered by ourselves and our companions. During summer, we focus on menus with freshly harvested, pesticide-free vegetables grown by us. In autumn, we prepare dishes with mushrooms gathered from nearby mountains, and during the snowy winter, we incorporate menus with pesticide-free vegetables delivered by our companions. Each season, we propose fermented food options suited to that time of the year. We use only living seasonings in our dishes. The miso and koji we use are produced by HAKKO-do, a handcrafted miso maker in Shirakawa-go. Our ketchup and mayonnaise are also homemade with special care. We serve only the kind of dishes that we would want to feed our own children. Rather than conforming to the mass production and consumption prevalent in modern times, we take a step back and offer the luxurious experience of savoring the contentment of having just enough. Oh, and we also have alcoholic beverages that are bad for your health!
Although our breakfast is simple, it is designed to promote good health. The landlady has crafted a perfect seasonal vegetable menu for your morning. We offer freshly cooked rice in a clay pot and a variety of vegetables seasoned with fermented condiments. Our miso soup is made using homemade koji and a special miso from HAKKO-do, crafted with organic soybeans from Shirakawa-go. Enjoy SALUGABAMBA's original healthy dishes. Dinner is not included in the accommodation package, but you can dine at our first-floor restaurant. If you prefer a table seat, please make a reservation in advance. There are also excellent dining options in Shirakawa-go, so feel free to enjoy meals outside. If you have any specific preferences, our staff will be happy to assist you and make reservations on your behalf. By the way, of course, we offer morning beers for guests who are not driving. There's nothing like a beer first thing in the morning, right?
"Our motto at SALUGABAMBA is 'Delicious food goes hand in hand with delicious drinks!' We have prepared a wide selection of quality alcohol that will satisfy any alcohol enthusiast. As you travel to different regions, you encounter unique dishes and ingredients, making it an amazing experience. However, sometimes, it's disappointing when you can't find good drinks to complement the food. In response to that, we offer the finest draft beer, cocktails, tequila, as well as rare Japanese whiskies, meticulously crafted natural wines from around the world, pure rice sake without added brewer's alcohol, and craft beers mainly from the USA. From top-notch to more casual choices, our lineup is sure to satisfy all alcohol lovers. Please be aware that if you don't visit us soon, our staff might finish all the drinks themselves! We are looking forward to your visit."
We have a theme of "kindness" in our selection, which includes items from both friends and local artisans. We are committed to avoiding mass-produced products. We offer handmade art pieces from Japan, delicious snacks, and essential everyday items. For our guests' convenience, we also provide "Nature-friendly" themed bath amenities (shampoo, conditioner, and body soap) that we use in our accommodations for purchase. By choosing products that align with our theme, we aim to protect the nature of Shirakawa-go. However, we must admit that sometimes, even we indulge in some junk food! Please enjoy the Serugabamba Select items, which are both nature and body-friendly.