drink menu
food menu
Shirakawa-go Premium Pork Roast Pork – 1600 yen
Roast pork made with Shirakawa-go’s premium brand pork, “Yuumi Pork.” Enjoy it with our homemade mushroom koji sauce.
Shirakawa-go Premium Pork Spiced Ginger Pork – 1400 yen
Ginger pork made with Shirakawa-go’s premium brand pork, “Yuumi Pork.” Enjoy it with a sauce blended with various spices.
Shirakawa-go Tradition Stone Tofu Kaki Fry – 1200 yen
A kaki fry (oyster fry) recreated using traditional Shirakawa-go stone tofu, without using oysters. Enjoy it with our homemade mayonnaise.
Shirakawa-go Premium Pork Shiso Cream Cheese Fry – 1400 yen
Fried dish featuring premium pork loin with shiso (Japanese basil) and cream cheese. Enjoy it with our homemade lemon koji sauce.
Onion Koji Marinated Jerk Chicken – 1600 yen
Jamaican traditional jerk chicken marinated for several days in over 10 different spices and homemade onion koji. Enjoy it with our homemade ketchup.
SALUGABAMBA Special Soy Koji Fried Chicken (Chicken Karaage) – 1200 yen
Fried chicken made from chicken thigh meat marinated in homemade soy koji. The garlic and ginger used are pesticide-free, adding extra flavor to the dish.
Homemade Pickles – 450 yen
Unstoppable Spicy Cucumbers – 500 yen
Komodofu (Soybean Curd) – 500 yen
Assorted Four Types of Ishidofu (Stone Tofu) – 550 yen
Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese Rolled Omelette with sea bream soup) – 550 yen
Deep-fried Eggplant Soaked in Sauce – 550 yen
Special Fried Potatoes with Care – 700 yen

  • Soy Nut Sauce
  • Miso Mayo Sauce
  • Homemade Ketchup & Mayo
  • Sichuan Pepper
  • Calbee
*For an additional 400 yen, it comes with miso soup and rice.
*During lunchtime, all plates come with a salad and three side dishes.
draft beer ¥700- heart land beer (bottle) 330ml ¥800-
craft beer (can) 1,200-
selected by our staff form Japan and overseas.
for details, ask our staff.
Special red eye ¥800-
100% salt-free tomato juice from Hida with draft beer.
shandy gaff (sweet) (dry) ¥800-
shochu and lemon (soda) (tonic) ¥700- shochu and tea ¥600-
shochu and grapefruit juice ¥600- shochu and oolong Tea ¥600-
shochu and jasmine tea ¥600- shochu and green tea ¥600-
hakusui (wheat) ¥700- kurokirishima (potato) ¥700-

hourai junmai ginjo ¥980-
Daisy Chain Moscato
bottle ¥5,400- / glass ¥900-
white wine from south Australia
Sarava Loureiro
bottle ¥8,400- / glass ¥1,400-
white wine from Portugal
EX Nihilo
bottle ¥9,600- / glass ¥1,600-
orange from Australia
Bianco Betty
bottle ¥5,400- / glass ¥900-
orange from Italy
Hunky Dory
bottle ¥9,000- / glass ¥1,500-
red wine from Spain
Rosso di Gaetano
bottle ¥7,200- / glass ¥1,200-
red wine from Italy
New Player in Town
bottle ¥5,000-
sparkling wine from Italy
bottle ¥7,200- / glass ¥1,200-
rose from Italy
Blanc de Blancs Pas dose
bottle ¥12,500-
sparkling wine from Italy
This wine is made using methods that preserve the natural essence as much as possible. It is crafted from grapes grown with limited use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. By minimizing the addition of antioxidants or completely omitting them, this wine is gentle on the body.
kaku ¥800- maker’s mark (Bourbon) ¥800-
chita ¥900- monkey shoulder (Scotch) ¥800-
hakusyu ¥1,100- old grand dad (Bourbon) ¥800-
captain morgan ¥800- diplomatico ¥900-
cuervo Gold ¥500-
Fruit wine
jasmine plum wine ¥700- cloudy apricot wine ¥750-
moscow Mule ¥800- gin tonic¥800-
screwdriver ¥800- gin back ¥800-
bulldog ¥800- cuba libre ¥800-
tequila coke ¥800- fuzzy navel ¥800-
tequila sunrise ¥800- peach oolong ¥800-
spumoni ¥800- italian Iced Tea ¥800-
campari soda ¥800- passoa Pineapple ¥800-
malibu pine ¥800- amaretto bag ¥800-
malibu Coke ¥800- amaretto milk ¥800-
original blend coffee (hot or ice) ¥650-
salugabamba brend : fruity cup based on Ethiopia.
bitter blend : full-bodied cup based on Tanzania
cafe au lait (hot or ice) ¥700-
bitter blend coffee with rich Hida milk.
homemade chai (hot or ice) ¥700-
Boiled with several kinds of spices and rich Hida milk.
yomogi tea ¥300-
fresh Yomogi handpicked by our staff and carefully boiled.
Soft drink
cola ¥500- ginger ale ¥500-
orange juice ¥500- grapefruit juice ¥500-
pineapples juice ¥500- Oolong Tea ¥500-
Green Tea ¥500- jasmine tea ¥500-