2023.11.06『猿の宴 vol.3』Yumeki Nakamura

Day:2023/ 11 /6 (Mon) open 17:00 close 23:00

Special live guest:Yumeki Nakamura(1st live 18:30 2nd live 20:00)※ donating coins system during the live performance.

Store:Plantreat (vegan baked goods from Yamanashi)

《猿の湯》free on the day!(Open-air hot spring bath directly from the Oshirakawa river)

Time:Woman→17:30-18:20・21:00→21:50 Male→After 1st live-19:50・22:00-22:50

※Please bring your own towels. (Swimsuits OK.) Also, please dry your body thoroughly before entering the room. ※Please do not put anything in the bathtub. ※Please refrain from taking a bath during the live performance. ※Space is limited. Everyone, please use it while giving in to each other.